An investment manager selection service, utilising platform technology to provide the best available discretionary manager ‘house strategy’. delivered for investments from £100,000 to £10million.

Enhance has recognised that Trustees face challenges when appointing discretionary investment managers, especially for smaller portfolios where administrative fees are disproportionately high. Risk and regulatory compliance are key drivers at all levels, with Trustees often forced to consider compromises for smaller portfolios.

The Enhance Managed Portfolio Services (Enhance MPS) is engineered for these cases to deliver maximum efficiency, manage risks, and mitigate administrative issues. The service aims to deliver good performance and consistent investment outcomes. Enhance research, analysis and cost control drives the discretionary manager selection and replacement process.

Key Features

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Reducing risk & cost of investment decision making

  • Enhance analyse and advise, taking on ‘suitability risk’
  • Enhance appoint and replace Discretionary Managers, taking on Investment Manager Selection risk
  • Enhance significantly reduce administrative burden on investors

Enhance MPS provides

  • Selected Discretionary Manager due diligence and peer group performance analysis, suitability letter and bespoke analysis detailing rationale & IPS
  • Specialist Enhance reporting
  • Online access via Tablet App or desktop interface

Investment Mandate

  • The GBP/USD/EUR solutions are aligned with the parameters of the Trustee Managed Portfolio Indices (
  • Managers are selected based on quantitative and qualitative characteristics to meet these parameters
  • Bespoke solutions possible depending on asset size


  • GBP solutions designed for UK resident non domiciled investors – comprising offshore platform and custodian, HMRC reporting status funds restriction, separation of capital and income
  • International USD/EUR solutions are tax agnostic

Fees – Max Annual Management Charge of 1.10%

  • Tiered all-encompassing costs for platform technology, custody and trading
  • AMC including Enhance advice, manager selection and reporting
  • Lower fee levels at larger asset sizes

Choice of models

  • Risk – Low, Medium and High risk models
  • Assets – Active or Passive underlying assets
  • Investment Philosophies – Relative Return, Target Return, Income & Specialist

Risk Parameters

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Enhance Mps Low Risk
Expected annualised portfolio volatility of up to 6%, and potential drawdowns of up to 10%.

Enhance Mps Medium Risk
Expected annualised portfolio volatility of up to 10%, and potential drawdowns of up to 20%.

Enhance Mps High Risk Model
Expected annualised portfolio volatility in excess of 10%, and potential drawdowns in excess of 20%.

Asset allocation will vary depending on Investment Philosophy, market conditions and outlook

Investment Manager Selection

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Filter – Enhance Investment Committee filter initial MPS universe
Analysis – Comparative performance, risk and service mandate
Proposal – Proposals are requested, and shortlisted investment managers interviewed
Section – Best overall Investment Manager selected

Consideration – Enhance Investment Committee has concerns
Decision – Investment Committee revisit Analysis, Proposal and Selection
Notice – Investors receive 30 days notification of changes
Replacement – New Investment Manager appointed, no administrative requirements for investor

Meet The Team

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Barry Hardisty

Barry Hardisty

Head of Managed Portfolio Services

Gary James

Gary James

Investment Consultant

Conor Wood

Conor Wood

Investment Consultant Assistant

Said Davlatov

Said Davlatov

Investment Consultant Assistant

Our Services

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