Established in 2005, Enhance is a market-leading company providing Investment Consultancy, Investment Reporting, Wealth Consultancy & Treasury Services to Trust Companies, Charities & Private Clients, with Fintech at its core. We have gained an exceptional reputation for delivering services through the use of innovative proprietary technology and now have in excess of over £20 billion of assets under review across 12 jurisdictions with full service offices in Jersey, London, the Cayman Islands, Singapore and Geneva. We continue to innovate and deliver financial services that provide long term solutions based on technology but with the foundations of integrity, experience and professionalism. Enhance's status as a genuinely independent company ensures an impartial approach.

James Painter
“We are an independent company with an impartial approach with the aim to deliver strong results through long-term, successful investment solutions, built on integrity, experience and professionalism.”

James Painter | Executive Chairman

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